Hereditary Peer’s lawsuit could wipe 10 years of law from the Statute Book!

Peter Mandelson - Lords

Peter Mandelson is about the receive a letter from 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' to beat them all!

A little known hereditary peer, Lord Mereworth, has written to Peter Mandelson, in his role as Lord President of the Privy Council, to ask whether his disbarment, and that of other hereditary peers, was in fact legal. 

Lord Mereworth, who was denied his seat in the upper house as a consequence of the House of Lords Act in 1999, has served a protocol letter, claiming that the law is unenforceable. It is a first salvo before mounting a judicial review in the high court.

The document says the 1999 act failed to revoke the “letters patent”, the act under which the then King, George V, granted a hereditary peerage to Mereworth’s grandfather. The protocol letter states: “It is stated expressly in the letters that George V bound his successors, and it is axiomatic that any attempt to alter the terms or effect of the letters would be a matter of moment for those successors.”

It is difficult to gauge the level to which the Government should take this matter seriously, but a great deal of legislation could be put under threat if this petition is credible.

Whatever the credibility of the claim, the prospect of a democratically elected government being undermined by a judicial review of an Act of Parliament, and potentially disqualifying all the laws that have passed through House of Lords since, is unconscionable.

According to The Guardian’s  report the Government is taking the letter very seriously. 

As an afterthought those people who have since been elected to the lower house, namely John Thurso, but still retain their hereditary title could see themselves being disqualified from the lower house by their re-instalment in the House of Lords.


Mussolini was an MI5 Agent, which Liberal MP was a CIA Agent?!

Mussolini was financed by MI5 according to new research

Mussolini was financed by MI5 according to new research

‘No more coals to Newcastle, no more Hoares to Paris,’ was how King George V welcomed Anthony Eden as the new Foreign Secretary following the news of Britain’s rejection of the Hoare-Laval Pact, which had sanctioned Italy’s annexation of Abyssinia, and effectively ended the authority of the League of Nations.

Samuel Hoare would now appear to have previous with Benito Mussolini. As well as being responsible for coining one of the King’s most memorable political quotations, he apparently financed Mussolini, then a journalist, paying him £100/week (the equivalent of £6,000/week in today’s money) to argue for Italy’s continued involvement in the First World War. Hoare, later the Foreign Secretary, was at the time Britain’s man in Rome.

Mussolini, who wished to maintain Italy’s involvement in the war, would use former soldiers to act as vigilantes against those who wished to see Italy withdraw from the war.

Within just a few short years Mussolini came to power as Italy’s fascist dictator, backed by his black shirts.

This reminds me of the stories surrounding Peter Bessell, the Liberal MP for Bodmin, who was apparently, according to his memoirs, both a CIA and BOSS agent during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  You wonder quite what intelligence either of these two would have gathered for their paymasters!

More on this story about on Mussolini can be seen in The Guardian.