Intern if you want to – The Case of the Missing Lord

But for a missing Lord we would have been able to employ his land rover and pulled ourselves out within minutes...

But for Lord Elgin going missing we would have been pulled to safety in minutes...

Only last week I, and our present intern, were out in the West Fife villages distributing leaflets to our members.

One such member lives on the estate of Lord Elgin in the village of Culross.

Driving my car down the lane, past the big house where the Earl’s son lives, I proceeded to the member’s house.

I parked outside whilst our intern nipped to the house to drop the bundle of leaflets with him.  Unfortunately he was out but knowing he wouldn’t mind he found a safe, dry place for them and returned to the car.

I should tell you that the car is a 4X4 which I bought for work on a country estate and as such is perfectly designed for this sort of rural terrain.

Nonetheless I had somehow managed to park the car in such a place that due to the muddy conditions it would not move forward, or backward.

Trying and failing for about ten minutes to extricate the car we abandoned it as a bad idea and walked back down the lane to the ‘big house’ as I had seen that the noble owner had a very industrial looking land rover that would easily be able to pull us out.

After a discussion with the nanny and various noble children we were told that the car didn’t work and wouldn’t be of any assistance, and there was no sign of his lordship who might be able to help. Not wishing to impose on their hospitaility too much we returned to the car, still beached.

So I called the AA and following a wait of two hours nobody turned up, probably finding it rather difficult to find us in such a remote rural location and the other 23,000 people stranded in winter weather.

Getting rather bored with calling the AA for an ETA I pressed a button on the dashboard and with a combination of the ground having now hardened due to frost and the 4X4 now engaged I drove straight out of the hole onto the road.

It became clear from the streetlights on the way home how much comedy mud I had been able to spray over the intern whilst trying to remove the car from the mud, whilst he pushed and I over accelerated!

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  1. Do I recall correctly that you once managed to drive your car into a river… or something similar. Why do I fear ever being your passenger? 🙂

  2. Andy Williams

     /  January 1, 2010

    What are interns for if not for that!

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