Intern if you want to – The Raffles of Rame

The Raffles of Rame was almost arrested for recruiting members to the Liberal Democrats...

As part of the interns’ series I remember when we had an intern in our office that was taken on to recruit new members to the party in South East Cornwall.

He was bright and affable and exactly the sort of target driven person that is excellent for the ‘salesman’ type job that is involved in encouraging people to join a political party.

He was able to travel around the constituency with his own transport so was taken on for a month to try to increase the party’s numbers.

He had an impressive record of recruiting a number of people every day and after a few weeks the total numbers were in the low 50s.

However, the phone rang in our Liskeard office, from the local constabulary.

A slightly nervous sounding receptionist said that the person being described was indeed a Liberal Democrat recruiter and there was no need for them to arrest him. 

This was his first brush with the law as the police had been advised that a young man was going around the estates of Looe trying to get money out of people for joining the Lib Dems, but it was all above board so the police were happy to drop the case.

The campaigner received his nickname ‘The Raffles of Rame’ (Rame being a peninsula in South East Cornwall and my County Council division at the time) not just because of this but because having locked himself out of his lodgings, which I should say were in a first floor flat, he climbed up the outside of the building to gain entry.

Thankfully none of the neighbours, nor the police for that matter, saw this escapade and so no formal charges were ever brought to bear on our intern!

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