‘Weren’t they disbanded after the Battle of Waterloo?’ – The Press Officer’s Guide Lesson 9 – Create clear divisions in the battle of personalities

Weren't the Warwick Light Foot disbanded following Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo?

Whilst sitting in a bar discussing the recently selected candidate for the local Conservatives we couldn’t quite get over his name; Warwick Lightfoot. 

Warwick, as I have explained, was Chief Economist of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and his experience in advising government was quite extensive, which was a great variance to the Cornish credentials of our local candidate.

Nonetheless having given our initial response to his political experience we were getting an increasing number of requests for comment about his selection from the Cornish media.

An interview with Radio Cornwall was planned for the next morning, and we discussed for some time the next stage in the plan to undermine the Tory candidate’s local credibility before he could gain any local traction.

In the end the interviewer ran our original line of him just needing a reference from the Captain of The Titanic, so what else could we add.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘I have to be honest when I was asked to comment on Warwick Lightfoot I asked “weren’t they disbanded after the Battle of Waterloo!’”  The interviewer felt he had his quote for the day!

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