‘Lives, damned lives and statistics’ on my blog in November – it all went a bit silly really…

The sad death of Edward Woodward reminded me that he signed my nominations in 1997 and Danny Finkelstein remembered...

I was interested to see that there appears to be quite sensible monthly roundup of people showing how their blog has performed over the past month. 

I think this seems to be a very interesting way of, if for nobody else’s benefit, keeping track of movement and weighting of activity on my blog.

My former colleague, Duncan Stephen, explained that many blogs receive the vast majority of their hits from search engines, but I just don’t appear to have that same profile of activity, perhaps because it is still very new.

Nonetheless in November 2009, my blog received 5,068 individual hits. I think because of the way wordpress works I can’t actually tell how many pages they read, but this figure was up 227% on October, which was the month I started, so I suspect that figure won’t be replicated again!

The busiest day was when I wrote about Edward Woodward signing my nomination papers on  Tuesday 17th November.

My top stories were: 

  1. Edward Woodward – Memories of a star who signed my nomination papers
  2. This week, dancing the military goosestep, it’s Nick and Eva
  3. Today’s Revelations could end Liz Truss’ high flying Tory political career
  4. Palace of Westminster burnt to the ground today
  5. About John
  6. The Bullingdon Club: Boris, Dave and Gideon yes but an aspiring liberal MP and a former Party President, surely not?!
  7. And finally, the Liberal Democrat press release with 17 spelling mistakes…
  8. Because of where Sir Cyril Smith was sitting it totally changed the name of the party in the publicity photos
  9. The Candidate’s Aide’s Briefing – Lesson 4 – Jeremy Thorpe
  10. ‘John, it’s Mark Oaten on the phone saying someone’s been mucking about with his face!’

The main referrers were as follows:

  1. Lib Dem Blogs
  2. Lib Dem Voice
  3. Times Online
  4. Networkedblogs
  5. Scottish Roundup
  6. Google Reader
  7. Twitter
  8. Huffington Post
  9. Google
  10. WordPress.com

So that’s me, but as I am still very new at this can you give me some insight?  What on earth is Wikio about?  I just don’t get it.

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  1. Looking at the above and the latest Lib Dem Voice Golden Dozen’s I would also conclude that name dropping Lib Dem luminaries in the titles hasn’t done you too bad either.

  2. Duncan’s right about search engine traffic, and you’re right to suspect it may be because you’re new–Google (for Google is the only search engine that matters) tends to ignore new websites for a few months unless they’re obviously important.

    Blogs on free platforms like WordPress get used by spammers, Google is cautious about paying attention to new blogs until they’ve a history of legit links.

    Wikio.co.uk is a news and resources service, but it also does a monthly list of popular blogs, using a weighted list counting links to blogs from other blogs. It’s quite a nice little platform, and quite a nice little list, but it is gameable (I’ve done it, although they seem to have fixed some of the flaws I found). Some people take their Wikio ranking very seriously, as it’s probably the best overall measure available for how important a blog is. Some people take it far too seriously…

    (former colleague Duncan Stephen? Did I miss him having a proper job at some point? /nasty)

  1. OK, I give in… my statporn for November 2009 « Anders Hanson

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