Does two U-turns in two days mean you have come full circle or are you going round in circles?

Does a second U-turn in two days mean that few other sacred cows might be slaughtered to appeal to middle England...?

I was unsurprised, as I am sure many were, when we suddenly heard that a million pounds no longer buys you a mansion and so the Lib Dems decided that only ‘mansions’ over £2 Million would be subject to the dreaded tax.

All those former Bullingdon members on the Tory front bench were no doubt off to the estate agents to see if they would be subject to Vince’s Toff Tax. 

But, why has there been a second U-turn in two days, on the issue of an ‘in-out’ referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU?

If there really is ‘no public appetite’ for it, according to Sir Menzies Campbell, then why was there an ‘appetite’ for it when the Lib Dems proposed a referendum on the European constitution originally. Why was there not ‘an appetite’ for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but why did the Lib Dem leadership believe there was ever ‘an appetite’ for an ‘in-out’ referendum?

The problem appears to be that in one case the Lib Dems think they would lose votes and in the second they would lose the vote.

On the issue of the ‘Mansion Tax’ I suspect that MPs in the South East and London are the ones pointing out this will cost them votes.  This is probably not true because I suspect anyone that can afford a £1 Million house is just as unlikely to vote Lib Dem as one in a £2 Million one.

But, I also suspect that Nick Clegg knows that the Tories will be forced through internal, and external, pressure to move to a position of accepting a referendum on whether the UK stays in the EU. When that day comes the Lib Dems will not want to have to support it, in the knowledge that the vote may well be lost.

It makes you wonder what else might end up on the bonfire of the manifestos before the election starts.

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