You might think over 40 years after his death there weren’t many new Churchill stories…

Even years after his death Winston Churchill can still generate new stories...

Despite dying in 1965 Winston Churchill still throws up a few new stories.  Today would have been his 135th birthday so it seems an appropriate time to tell my Churchill story.

Before we start let me make it clear that I never met him, unfortunately, as he died many years before I was born, but only recently I was having a discussion about him.

Being a slight student of history, and bearing in mind the regular TV documentaries about the great man, I was surprised to be asked this question in conversation.

‘So, you are telling me that Churchill was posh?!’ It was difficult to know how to answer this question.  Apparently the person I was in discussion with was under the impression that Churchill was a working class hero who had risen to power through, ‘blood, toil, tears and sweat,’ rather than a more traditional Victorian/Edwardian route.

I actually had to prove to my colleague that Churchill was ‘posh’ by showing him this website and explaining that people who are the grandson of a Duke are generally considered ‘posh’.

It was even more disappointing when I discovered that he had studied ‘A’ Level politics and history and had a degree in British Politics.

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