GPS Tracking of MPs – The perfect answer to all the problems that a Chief Whip might face…

Just think of all those scandals that could have been averted if MPs had been made to wear GPS tags...

I read today that the new ‘Oasis of the Seas’ cruise liner, the biggest of its type, has created a new system of making sure that parents can keep track of their children.

They are urging parents to use the system on the vast liner as it can track them on any of the decks of the ship.  With 16 decks and up to 6,300 passengers this might seem a very sensible answer to all those lost children.

But, I bet Chief Whips are green with envy at the idea of being able to keep track of their MPs in the same way.

Just think they would be easy to usher into the right lobby, easy to check if they were in the wrong lobby for that matter and most importantly easier to check up on if they were, shall we say, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Just think of all those dodgy deals, dangerous liaisons and sexual peccadilloes that could have been thwarted, or headed off, in the past.

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