‘Over the Firth to Kirkcaldy,’ doesn’t quite have the same ring as ‘over the sea to Skye’!

'Over the Firth to Kirkcaldy,' as the song goes

News has come out that Edinburgh council is putting out a tender for a hovercraft service to link the city’s Portobello beach with Kirkcaldy.

To be fair the plan might benefit those who need to travel between the two, and would probably help, to a small extent, with the massive congestion on the Forth Road Bridge.

A spokesman for Stagecoach, who piloted a scheme in 2007, said: “The beauty of a hovercraft is that there are very limited facilities that are required in terms of infrastructure.

“Don’t forget that the route from Fife to Edinburgh across the Forth Road Bridge is one of the most congested routes in Scotland so its only going to get worse.”

He added: “We think that by offering an alternative sustainable public transport option, we have a big opportunity to get people to switch from the car to the hovercraft.”

However, the Romantic in me can’t help but feel that the idea of ferrying, however excitingly via hovercraft, from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy doesn’t sound that interesting, I suspect there won’t be much tourist traffic.

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