18 out of 32 in the Shadow Cabinet would benefit from the Tory Inheritance Tax cut

18 of the 32 Conservative frontbenchers would benefit from their own Inheritance Tax cut - truly representative of Britain...

It may not come as a shock to many to discover that the Conservative front bench will, on the whole, benefit from the cut in Inheritance Tax, but the fact that they will benefit to the potential tune of £7 Million will.

According to today’s Daily Mirror calculations, ‘Mr Cameron and shadow chancellor George Osborne are among nine top Tories whose families stand to gain the maximum £520,000 from the change, because their wealth is estimated at more than £2 million.

George Osborne’s plan to cut Inheritance Tax to help the wealthiest people in Britain is a sign that if the Tories get back in to power they will not, as they claim, ‘be in it together’ with the rest of us.  They, and their rich chums, will give themselves such a large financial boost that they won’t need the outside jobs they have at the moment.

Mr Osborne has claimed that the cuts will benefit people who live in former council houses, and once again the Tories are proven to be completely out of touch with reality.

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