‘And finally, the Liberal Democrat education press release with 17 spelling mistakes…’ – The Press Officer’s Guide Lesson 4 – Don’t become the story!

My jaw dropped as I discovered that the press release itself had become the story, not the content...

One of the key things to achieve as a back room press officer is to not become the story, merely to put the story in front of the media and sell it to them.

As I was happily watching the then regional news programme in the North West, my jaw dropped as the unmistakeable outline of a Lib Dem press release, with lots of red circles and lines, was superimposed over a story about education.

The presenter, Jim Hancock, was explaining that one local Liberal Democrat MP’s press officer had sent them a press release, concerning local education, with 17 spelling mistakes in it.

The story, from what I can remember, was pointing out that of all the stories that politicians should avoid these sorts of errors on this was the one. Difficult to argue with!
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

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