Just be glad you weren’t born with the name Rodger Bumpass, Your Majesty…

1992 was an Annus Horribilis for Her Majesty but things could have been worse...

I know you are all wondering about the key events that have taken place today.  No doubt there will minor news items about it being the wedding anniversary of Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh and maybe even mention of today being the day of the great fire at Windsor Castle in 1992, but I want to mention a voice you will all be familiar with, if not the name.

Rodger Bumpass, who must surely come second only to Randy Bumgardner in the competition for the world’s most ridiculous name. Nonetheless you, or perhaps a younger member of your family, are familiar with his work.

Bumpass started work on The Jetsons in the 1960s, but now he is famous for being the voice of Squidward Tentacles in SpongeBob Squarepants, so look out for his name next time the credits scream past on your screen.  You know you watch really.

Even though today is Her Majesty’s wedding anniversary which is no doubt always a reminder of the fire at Windsor in 1992, things could always be worse!

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  1. So what about Randy Rhino then? Surely beats Bumpass?

  2. …or even Randy Gaylord, who is the San Juan County Prosecutor in the states.


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