John Swinney has been named as ‘Politician of the Year’ – Well it is a bad year…!

John swinney has been made politician of the year - I wonder why?!

At a ceremony last night John Swinney, ‘Lord High Everything Else’ in the Scottish Executive, was awarded the prestigious honour of ‘Politician of the Year’!

This is obviously a great accolade for Mr Swinney who has presided over the most catastrophic events in Scotland’s financial history, since the Darien Scheme.

Mr Swinney’s provocative title of ‘Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth’ would suggest that there really ought to have been some progress in these areas for him to have been made ‘Politician of the Year’!

But, it occurs to me why Mr Swinney has been given the prize.  Firstly, in a year when politicians are, shall we say, unpopular this is not exactly a difficult year for someone to be in with a shout of success in this arena. 

But, more importantly, it strikes me his role oversees the economy, local government, the budget, energy, tourism, climate change, public transport and Scottish Water.

So the prize is not for being ‘the best politician of the year’ but for ‘the only politician of the year’!

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