It’s 3 months today since Mr Al Megrahi was released and no news from Tripoli…!

Al Megrahi's arrival in Tripoli brought shame on Scotland and three months later he's still going!

Despite protestations from the SNP Government in Edinburgh about the quality of the advice they received concerning Mr Al Megrahi’s medical condition he would still appear to be alive and well, living in Libya.

Having depended so heavily on the evidence that he should be released on compassionate grounds, as he had less than three months to live, it now seems that the medical advice, that the SNP were so reliant on, would appear to have been wrong.

The SNP’s Kenny MacAskill needs to give a clear answer now why the medical advice he claimed supported his decision would appear to have been so wrong, or misinterpreted.

It occurs to me that perhaps, under an SNP Health service in Scotland, Mr Al Megrahi might well have only survived three months with his illness, but clearly the non-SNP run health service in Libya is of a higher standard!

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  1. Hmm…

    There could be a placebo effect playing out, maybe?

  2. The author of the piece has ignored the fact that since returning to Libya Mr Magrahi (sic) has been the recipient of a new drug treatment (abireterone) that has had some impact in 70% of prostate cancer cases. The drug has not been cleared by NICE or the equivalent board in Scotland, and it is surely not an argument that any man should be deprived of a treatment, solely because he has been convicted. A conviction we know to have been obtained fallaciously and on fraudulent grounds.


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