Tales from Wales – ‘Leaflets, canvassing and posters but how do I raise my profile?’ ‘You could always wear a hat!’

A member offered a way of raising the candidate's profile that I hadn't considered...

As a Liberal Democrat campaigner you have to go to some local council by-election campaigns, in target seats, to support the local organisation run a winning campaign.

Such it was that I went to a meeting in Cardigan in 2002, before the Welsh Assembly election the year after.  Cardigan is a main town in Ceredigion, now represented by Liberal Democrat MP, Mark Williams.

The meeting, in a pub in the middle of the town, was well attended by all the people who would have interest in the campaign, including the candidate, the agent as well as local activists.

For about an hour we discussed the situation, planning how many leaflets we would deliver, whether we could knock on all the doors, organising help from the other parts of the constituency and so on.

The candidate, who had not contested an election before, asked if there was anyway he could ‘raise his profile.’ Before I could reply that that is what we had been discussing for the past hour a member, who had not said much until that point said;

‘You could always wear a hat.’

‘A HAT!!!’ I burst out.

‘Or a broach,’ she replied in all seriousness.

I am pretty certain that he never wore a broach, but I definitely saw him in a hat during the campaign.

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