15 years of the National Lottery – but did you hear about the Starship Enterprise centre or the dinosaur farm…?

Lottery Funding has been requested for many 'original' ideas, including a Starship Enterprise centre...

The National Lottery is 15 years old this week, and no doubt people will be celebrating with a purchase of ticket to win the jackpot.  As we all know money from the lottery goes to ‘good causes’ but have there been many requests for less ‘good causes’ over the years?

According to The Telegraph some of the most extreme examples of requests for cash were:

  • Funding for young people to learn how to time travel.
  • Money to buy a new toaster.
  • Funding to make automatic ice cube dispensers.
  • One man wanted money to build a replica of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise (I don’t know which version) so that lonely people could meet in a “safe” environment.
  • A man requested £500 to do up his Ford Capri.
  • A woman wanted money to double glaze her home.
  • One optimist wanted funding to run a dinosaur farm.

The lottery, like other aspects of public life, has clearly allowed new ways for people to express themselves openly.

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