There really is a Tory candidate who takes his nanny to constituency events with him…!

George Osborne may appear out of touch but wait until you hear about Jacob Rees-Mogg

There are two men that epitomise the ‘new’ Conservative party, they are George Osborne and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Now, on the surface, George might seem to be quite a reasonable young chap, well-to-do maybe, but basically a good Cheshire MP.  It may come as a surprise that he recently said that; his inheritance tax cut on properties worth £1m would be enjoyed by people living in ex-council houses. He then said his £20,000 a year private school, St Paul’s, is “incredibly liberal” because “your mother could be the head of a giant corporation, or a solicitor in Kew.”

As Johann Hari says; ‘if you think council houses are worth a million quid and solicitors in Kew are the lowest rung on the social ladder you can imagine.’

But if George appears detached from reality then Jacob is positively divorced from the 21st Century and arguably the 20th!

Jacob, 40, has attended public events with his nanny, who he calls ‘Nanny’ when addressing her. At one event, when challenged over the issue, he said; “If I’ve got a nanny, I’ve got a nanny. And if anybody doesn’t like it – tough!” He then added: “I do wish you wouldn’t keep going on about my nanny. If I had a valet you’d think it was perfectly normal.” 

I really hope the new rules for employing MPs spouses will be extended to MPs nannies!

Now I am a very reasonable chap but does this not strike you as being somebody who is so out of touch with modern society that really he, and his Tory chums, should not be let loose with a modern, progressive democracy?

Johann Hari has written an excellent article, in today’s Independent, on why no one should ever vote Conservative, and I commend it to you.

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