Tales from Wales – there’s something fishy about Narberth…

Smoked kippers

"Catch of the Day" was smoked haddock

As promised last week I have a series of stories from when I worked in Wales, for the Liberal Democrats.

Election Planning Workshops are a key aspect of making sure that local parties are prepared for an election.  In 2003, Mid and West Wales list seat was a target seat, amongst other seats, for the party in Wales.

As such myself, Hilary Stephenson and Anders Hanson (the regional agent) organised a training session in Narberth, which is in Pembrokeshire, apparently plumb on the divide between Welsh speaking Wales and English speaking Wales.

Local parties from the region, Ceredigion, Pembroke and Carmarthenshire were all invited to the event, which was planned for a venue the next day.  Because of all the journeys involved we decided to stay in a local hotel the night before.

In good time we all arrived at the hotel and checked in.  Seeing the area was not strong on eateries we decided to dine in the hotel restaurant that evening.

As always one of the options on the menu was ‘Catch of the Day’, and we duly enquired what this was.

‘Smoked Haddock,’ came the reply.

Now I’m no fisherman but ‘smoked haddock’ was caught at least a few days ago, but this was all said with a straight face, and avoiding the bread rolls strewn across the restaurant floor we enjoyed our ‘catch of the day’!

This is one of three stories from Narberth to appear during the day today.  It was a truly memorable event.

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