Agent’s Training 9 – Buy your own flowers!

bouquet of flowers

The final job for any agent is to make sure that they have purchased their own present from the candidate!

Candidates, especially ones who have just been elected as Members of Parliament, quickly forget how they got elected.

It is an unfortunate truism that outsiders believe that, ‘candidates win elections and agents lose them.’ This is more of a comment on the apportioning of blame, or praise, rather the actual work done.

But, one of the things that candidates often forget, mainly because they suddenly get messages to attend Parliamentary Party Meetings, briefings or photo calls, the people who get them elected, and they forget to say thank you.

Personally I have experience of this and although people can be forgiven for stage fright in their acceptance speech, they do mange to thank the police, the returning officer and the counting staff, not to mention uncle Tom Cobbly, but they do sometimes forget to thank the person who just increased their income. 

But, normally, a sensible member makes sure that the successful candidate suddenly comes forth with a bottle of single malt, and all is well.

Now no names, but a friend of mine, knowing the nature of one candidate was forced, knowing the ineptitude of the candidate in question, to run around their local village to organise flowers, for herself, for the successful candidate to award to her at the thank you party. 

Surely this is too much to ask of any agent?!

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