Speaker Bercow’s wife to stand for Labour next May…

Sally and John Bercow

Sally plans to join her husband in elected politics by standing for Labour next May...

News form the Guardian today suggests that the new Speaker’s wife, Sally, will be standing for Labour in next May’s elections in Westminster. This must underline Conservative objections to his holding the office of Speaker, and make many wonder if he would survive an incoming Conservative government.

She was selected last night for St James’ ward of Conservative-controlled Westminster City Council.

John Bercow was known to be moving politically towards the left when he was selected as Speaker, and is one of the reasons that he was so acceptable to the Labour benches when he was elected.

Mrs Bercow used to be a Tory but switched to Labour shortly before Labour’s election in 1997.

A spokesman for Mr Bercow said his wife was entitled to be politically active in her own right, though he conceded there was a “curiosity” attached to the fact that she holds different political views.

More here in The Guardian.

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  1. Couples can legitimately hold different views. Look at the Mr and Mrs Terminator. He’s a Republican governor (moderate) and she’s a Kennedy democrat.

    This might not be a great move for team Bercow though. Could well help the Farage campaign in Buckingham to unseat the speaker.


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