SNP braced for poll drubbing in Glasgow North East – The Guardian

SNP David Kerr

The SNP's David Kerr looks set for a heavy defeat tomorrow!

Ahead of tomorrow’s by-election in Glasgow North East it appears that the SNP is already conceding defeat, if The Guardian is anything to go by.

Alex Salmond’s comment that; ‘The ground is shifting substantially towards us.’ But, importantly, according to The Guardian, fell a long way short of his usual pre-poll enthusiasm and hyperbole, no doubt stung by the dreadful result they suffered in Glenrothes.

SNP candidate, David Kerr said; “We recognise going into polling day that we’re behind,” he said. “We recognise we’re probably 2-1 down with 20 minutes to go. We have a chance going into polling day. Hopefully we have a good chance.”

Hardly the words of a winner to be!

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  1. JPJ2

     /  November 12, 2009

    Don’t be silly.

    There is going to be a slashing of Labour’s 10000+ majority.

    That is not a drubbing for the SNP, is it?

    • Thanks for your comment, but it would appear I have no monopoly on silliness if your reply is anything to go by:

      1. Although Michael Martin has been the MP for many years, Labour has not represented this seat for the past 9 years. Labour did not contest the seat at the last election, along with other parties, unlike the SNP, as it is traditional not to oppose The Speaker. So whoever wings it is a swing from ‘The Speaker’, not Labour. Labour has no majority to be slashed.

      2. I understand that the SNP will indulge in straw clutching this evening but it strikes me as being the lowest level of success, or spin, to claim a majority is slashed. It is not very difficult to slash a majority when turnout drops, it is a natural consequence of fewer people voting.

      3. I note you are predicting nothing other than a minor swing to the SNP, and as such presumably understand that the SNP’s bandwagon is running out of steam?

  2. JPJ2

     /  November 12, 2009

    You are not fooling anybody by saying that this is not a Labour seat. As I type the BBC headlines rolling across the bottom of my TV screen declare Labour as defending the seat.

    Technically you may be correct, but I suggest that you join the real world-the one in which Brown made the UK one of the worst placed countries for beating the recession, rather than one where he-ha, ha-saved the world.

    The next UK General election will see the last twitchings of the so-called “Scottish” Labour Party.

    After Brown ceases to be Prime Minister it will become clear to the people living in Scotland that no-one sitting for a Scottish seat will ever be Prime Minister again.

    At that point the SNP will move into a position of dominance both in Holyrood and at Westminster. No matter how many or how few seats the SNP win under the crazy FPTP system the SNP will win many more votes and more seats in 2010 than in 2005.

    Enjoy your brief respite in Scotland-if it happens.

    • Thanks for your reply. I think you are under a misapprehension. I am a Liberal Democrat. But thank you for your commentary it says a lot about the delusion of the SNP. Forgive me for not necessarily assuming that the BBC can always get its facts right.

  3. JPJ2

     /  November 12, 2009

    Having read your site with a little more attention I realise that you are a Lib Dem rather than Labour. You used to be Labour’s little helpers in Holyrood and the tone of your comments suggests that you continue to prefer Labour to the SNP.

    I therefore offer you my commiserations as your candidate in Glasgow North East-a pleasant but hopeless by-election candidate- will lose her deposit big-time. Might even finish about 6th or so.

    As to the Lib Dems in Scotland-their future is behind them. Having identified themselves as the third unionist party rather than a second Home Rule party, their vote will plungs in 2010.

    • Thanks. The conference you appear to be refering to was held locally, in Dunfermline, but unfortunately I was unable to attend as I was out delivering leaflets for my local Liberal Democrat MP and MSP!


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