Shock poll suggests Tory candidates are too posh

Crewe By-Election Labour stunt

The GMB's poll suggests that Labour are continuing to see the class divide as being a key weapon in their election campaign...

A survey conducted for the GMB shows that 96% of the 547 Conservative candidates selected so far are from professional occupations or management.

The leader of one of the country’s largest trade unions today accused the Conservatives of selecting a disproportionate number of individuals from “well-heeled” backgrounds to represent the party at the next general election.

He argued that the imbalance towards candidates from the three top professional groups would make a Conservative government out of touch with “the real world”.

Of the 537, 63 had a background in the banking and finance industries. Paul Kenny, of the GMB, said; 

‘Tory candidates remain wholly unrepresentative of the UK workforce. These are not people who operate in the real world. It is alarming that they come from such a thin and well-heeled layer of our society.

‘This is about the privileged seeking formal control of the country. Perhaps we should widen all MPs’ experience by forcing them to take real jobs in public transport, in hospitality and in the NHS, and then they can see what life is like from the other side of the counter.’

Less than 1% of the candidates came from lower occupational groups, which employ 56% of the total UK workforce.

With all due respect to the GMB, who no doubt paid good money for this research, what do you expect, this is the Conservative Party you are talking about! More on the Guardian website here.

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