David Howarth, MP for Cambridge, Happy Birthday, I wonder how many others will be wishing you unsolicited felicitations today?!


Fewer constituencies can be nicer to represent in Parliament than Cambridge, but I wonder how many people will be looking for their local credentials over the next few weeks?!

I am always very happy to wish people greetings for their birthday, my family will tell you I nearly always forget, which is why it is such a great boon to have Facebook to remind one when someone’s birthday is pending.

David Howarth is a particularly popular chap with 997 of his closest friends signed up on facebook.

But, I think David may be receiving more birthday wishes than usual this year, especially from people who have excellent local credentials, and those with less impressive ones, in Cambridge.

Personally, I love Cambridge, a beautiful place in the Fens, I was there only a few weeks ago, at the University, studying a course at their beautiful Madingley Hall, where they base their Institute of Continuing Education.

David has been an excellent MP for Cambridge, and a genuine liberal champion in Parliament, he will be very difficult to replace.

Good luck to all those that apply, there can be few nicer places to represent in Parliament.

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