Cape Salmond (well Lossiemouth) would be the launch pad for UK commercial space flight – with a law change

Apollo 11 launch

'Lossiemouth we have a problem!' may not have the same ring but Scotland may be the launch site for commercial space travel

A little known piece of legislation, The Outer Space Act, is the piece of legislation that controls Britain’s involvement in space, and apparently Virgin Galactic is seriously considering Scotland as the place for it’s cosmic launch pad.

Apparently racing driver minister, Lord Drayson, and the Civil Aviation Authority are looking into the possibility of amending the legislation to provide for launches from the UK.

At the moment, mainly because no one thought it likely, it is not allowed to launch, into space, from the UK.

Will Whitehorn, of Virgin Galactic said;

‘Britain has no legislation to allow us to fly here – there is no regulatory authority. The Outer Space Act, which Britain created in 1986, didn’t really envisage a system like this.’

‘It didn’t envisage there would ever be space launches in the UK so there’s no regulator, no insurance, no reliability or structure.

‘But the British National Space Centre, which is a government quango, and Lord Drayson, the minister responsible for space, and the CAA are all looking closely at this issue.’

I can’t help imagine that the SNP Government, in Edinburgh, would feel they should have a say in this, and will probably demand that the launch site was renamed Cape Salmond.

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  1. I highly enjoyed reading this post, keep on making such interesting posts.


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