Today’s revelations could end Liz Truss’ highflying Tory political career

Liz Truss

Liz Truss' secret left wing past could end her chances in South West Norfolk as Tory PPC!

Those that have being following the saga over the selection of Liz Truss, for the seat of South West Norfolk will know that she has been given 2 weeks to save her position before a meeting on the 16th November.

As Deputy Director of the ‘Think tank’ Reform she is in David Cameron’s ‘A’ List of candidates, and, although selected convincingly by the local party in the constituency, ever since the ‘revelation’ that she had an affair with a Tory MP there has been a threat to deselect her.

Ignoring the issue that any member of local party could have found this out by reading seems to have passed them by, and might be perceived as being a bout of dirty tricks by others who ‘feel she has been foisted’ on the local party, according to the Telegraph.

But, today it can be revealed that something else might end her career with the South Norfolk Conservatives and that is of her questionable left-wing past.

Many readers will know, although it has never been made very public, Liz was President of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats whilst studying at Merton College, Oxford, and I, for one, feel this will act as the final death knell to her chances of retaining her position as the Conservative PPC for such a Tory area.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

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  1. Nice to know that being a member of the Oxford University Lib Dems is “questional[y] left-wing”! I wonder what that makes me, as an officer in the Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats?

    I suppose anything is questionable and left-wing from some Tories’ viewpoint.

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