I had an evening with the Tim Farron Soviet National Anthem


Tim Farron may have big plans if this You Tube clip is anything to go by!

For those that know me the thought of James May on BBC2 building his plasticine garden, waging war on the Royal Horticultural Society in the process, followed by Round the World in 80 Days on BBC1, you know this is my idea of TV heaven.

Being a fan of cars, knowing James a bit, having been awarded a ‘safe seat’ by him, having won a prize from the RHS and having crossed the International Date Line myself, on more than a few occasion, this was a perfect two hours of viewing.

So, in both programmes the marvellous Soviet National Anthem was played in the process.  Firstly when James was campaigning against the apparent snobbery of the RHS judges, on the grounds he had no flowers in his garden, and then as Bill and Jane arrived in Vladivostok. 

Of all the national anthems in the world, with the possible exception of the Welsh and the French, this is my favourite for summoning up a nation’s passion.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered this on You Tube, is there something Tim should be telling us?

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