Hold the front page – Cameron will rename the Department of Health, and cost the country a fortune in the process…


David Cameron's plan to change the name of the Department of Health is just a waste of 'Public' money

According to an article on today’s Guardian website, David Cameron has announced plans to rename the Department of Health.

As part of a strategy to improve Britain’s health he will rename it ‘The Department of Public Health.

One can only assume that this is to distinguish it from Conservative frontbenchers healthcare, which will be supplied privately.

It’s difficult to imagine anything less important than this, but Mr Cameron is making it a key pledge for the General Election.

I was going to comment that at least this would be something that the Conservatives could commit to that was free, but then it occurred to me that they would have to change all the signs, letterheads and any other branded items.

So tomorrow I will be submitting a Freedom of Information request to the Department of Health to see how much it costs them each year for ‘Department of Health’ branded items, to just see how much money the Tories plan to waste in their latest whacky wheeze!

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