Why does David Cameron always look constipated? Is it because he is ‘weak and marginal’?

David Cameron
Why does David Cameron always look so constipated?

Eton, Oxford and the Bullingdon Club may have taught Mr Cameron a certain type of debating style, but it’s one that makes my skin crawl.

Whatever you say about Gordon Brown, even if you oppose his politics completely, he does actually work very hard, if at times ineffectually, for the country. I quite like Gordon really, and I can’t say the same for, the apparently permanently constipated looking, Mr Camero

So why is Mr Cameron taking on this apparently disapproving air.

I think his attacks on the Labour leader are calculated, like so many policies of the Tories at the moment. He, and his front bench, are of a type that thinks jeering and bullying are normal forms of dialogue that are expected of parliamentarians. Only their sort of parliamentarian still believes this.

Mr Cameron’s attempts to move his party to be more inclusive and open to the 21st Century are completely undermined by this hooray-henry attitude. He has, this week, been described as ‘weak and marginal’ with his little gang of Euro-thugs that make up his new grouping in the European Parliament, by the chairman of the EPP.

The EPP is made up of all the mainstream members of the European right and Mr Cameron’s party would once have placed itself squarely with this group. Mr Cameron is not a Conservative, in the way people remember the Tory party of Churchill, Macmillan, Heath and even Thatcher. It is  more extreme and anathema to British politics.

It may seem like a jolly wheeze to form their own group in the European Parliament but his playing fields of Eton antics make his party look increasingly politically constipated and objectionable.

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