This week, dancing the military goosestep, it’s Nick and Eva!

Modern would look a lot different if Mr Griffin ever came to power!

Modern Britain would look a lot different if Mr Griffin ever came to power!

Well full of a combination of virtue, anger, shame and pride I ended my Question Time experience last night. Although I have advocated Mr Griffin’s appearance, and consequent interrogation, on Question Time I still found it a deeply unnerving and dirty process.

In the same moment I felt shame that anyone British holds these views and pride that the panel, David Dimbleby and the audience expressed their anger, and distaste, at this man’s political views.  All in all anyone who can utter such perverse views about non-violent members of the Ku Klux Klan KKK and not renouncing his denial of the holocaust has no place in democratic politics.

But, then I had a shiver that this might just be the first in a number of media appearances as Mr Griffin enters the world of celebrity.

Popular culture would have to change a great deal if Mr Griffin were to get his way, perhaps he might appear on reality TV!

Strictly Come Dancing, for example, would be very different. Of the six winners of the programme, so far, Natasha Kaplinsky, Mark Ramprakash and Alesha Dixon would not be contestants because Mr Griffin would have returned them to their homelands. The only judge would be Len Goodman, with Bruno, Craig and Alesha also being sent back to their respective countries.

This is what Mr Griffin does not grasp; Britain has changed for the better, and is culturally, socially and economically enriched by people who have joined his ‘ethnically pure indigenous peoples’!

If Mr Griffin ever did come to power I presume he understands that it would not just be people who he wanted to leave who would.

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