Agent’s Training 4 – make sure you know the geography!

The Ogmore By-Election was the wettest on record!

The Ogmore By-Election was the wettest on record!

This is the final instalment of the Agent’s Manual, for now, and it deals with an important aspect of campaigning, and that is knowing your way around the constituency, and staying in it whilst campaigning.

First –  Be aware of water hazards. At the Ogmore by-election, in 2002, it was possibly the wettest by-election on record.

So, I was driving back from a meeting at some point, minding my own business, crossed a rather nice bridge, and found myself driving into a river.  And I mean a major flood, where water was actually flooding in through the windows.  I remembered that my laptop was on the back seat, with all the campaign literature artwork on it, and waded through the torrent to dry land, with the laptop above my head. The car, and I, had to be rescued by the local fire brigade.

Second – Be aware of the whereabouts of your office. As I said the by-election was apparently the wettest on record, and after a long campaign ensconced in the bunker of the office, throughout this bad weather I walked out on the day after polling day to discover a beautiful spring day.

Behind the town of Maesteg, where our office was based, I saw a mountain, it was the first time I had ever seen it in the time I had spent it Ogmore, the first time the clouds had lifted to let me see them.

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