Agent’s Training 3 – the importance of lavatories!

I conducted the entire interview with James Landale from the lavatory!

I conducted the entire interview with James Landale from the lavatory!

This may strike aspiring agents as being obvious, but this is an important aspect of any campaign HQ.

Two incidents stand out from the Eddisbury campaign:

First – make sure there is a lock. The present MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron, having been out on a canvassing session returned to the HQ in need of an immediate refresher.  He moved quickly towards the WC only to encounter a parliamentary candidate and the word ‘Occupied!’

He retreated until it was safe to return.

Second – A perfect place for Press Interviews.  The Eddisbury HQ was not large; it was two adjacent small shops that we had rented for the period of the election. As in many elections the candidate and his team were out campaigning and if all else fails the agent has to do press conferences.

A Times journalist, James Landale, now the Deputy Political Editor on the BBC, called (on the phone) to scope out the issues, and our chances, in the by-election.

Because my office was busy and the main room was full of activists, stuffing envelopes, I retreated to the only available room in the building – the loo.  The entire 20 minute interview went off without a hitch and Mr Landale, apparently, none the wiser went away happy with his story. 

He did at one point mention that it sounded quite echoey but I moved briskly on.

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