‘First rule of politics – never believe anything until it has been officially denied’ – Rt. Hon. Jim Hacker MP

'Never believe anything until it has been officially denied!'

'Never believe anything until it has been officially denied!' - Rt. Hon. Jim Hacker MP

Nick Griffin’s announcement that the leaked list of BNP members, which appeared on the web yesterday, is a forgery should tell us it’s actually the real list.

I can understand why individual members might be angry that their personal details have been put into the public domain, but, why would Mr Griffin be so concerned?

If membership of the BNP means that you are proud to be British and are standing up for British democracy then surely there can be no problem.  If one is a councillor, or other elected representative, surely it will allow one’s constituents to get in contact to discuss any issues in one’s ward.

So, if one accepts that membership of the BNP is a normal and acceptable pastime, Mr Griffin should welcome this transparency. 

But, as a democrat and someone who believes in privacy, and protection from abuse and threats, I clearly don’t believe this. But, Mr Griffin does not believe in these principles. He may be elected, but he is not a democrat and he believes in verbal outrage, as a means of political communication and, in my opinion, does not respect the beliefs and privacy of other people.

Personally I think it’s a great shame that the membership list has been made public. Even fascists deserve their privacy, even if they would not afford the rest of us this luxury, but forgive me for actually pointing out the real reason for Mr Griffin’s outrage.

There aren’t many members are there?

Unfortunately for him, now the producers of Question Time will be able to see who the BNP have tried to place in the audience to act as sleepers for Mr Griffin and his party, as well as those who have been formally invited as his supporters.

(Nothing in this story should indicate support of any cast member of Yes Minister or Yes Prime Minister for the BNP.)

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