Does Alex Salmond remember the last time “London danced to the SNP’s tune”? : We got Thatcher!

Alex Salmond wants us to beleve that London will dance to the SNP's tune - last time that happened we got Thatcher!

Alex Salmond wants us to beleve that London will dance to the SNP's tune - last time that happened we got Thatcher!

Alex Salmond is a most impressive speaker, if you like someone who tells a tall tale.

He speaks in great rhetoric and extreme hyperbole and if people are taken in by his words we will end up with a Conservative government, by the back door.

Recently BBC Parliament showed a series of programmes about  the 1979 vote of no confidence and the subsequent downfall of the 1979 Labour government, after the ending of the Lib-Lab pact in 1978.

But, Mr Salmond seems to want to ignore that his party, then 11 MPs, voted in favour of the Conservative Party’s motion of no confidence in the full knowledge that Mrs Thatcher and the Tories were opposed to any form of devolution, let alone Scottish independence. 

This led Scotland to be robbed of the chance to vote for greater self-government for the next 20 years.

The SNP showed its short-sightedness, and blind self-interest, in 1979, and condemned Scotland, and the rest of Britain, to 18 years of Conservative government.

Before people fall for Mr Salmond’s rallying call and swallow the line that they could insert the Conservatives in the event of a hung Parliament they should consider three things:

  • The mathematics involved in achieving a hung parliament, in which the SNP would have the capacity to insert either a Labour or a Conservative government, are so remote that they happen once in a century, and people should not depend on this to vote for them.
  • There is the chance that Mr Salmond may be able to prop up a minority Tory government if they fall short, by fewer than half a dozen seats, but what then?
  • Mr Cameron is a product of the British establishment, educated at Eton, Oxford and a member of the Bullingdon Club, a fervent creature of the Union and, if we are to believe the rumours, very keen not to be the last ever Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Cameron will not give the SNP what they want and Alex knows it!

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  1. JPJ2

     /  October 19, 2009

    Total rubbish.

    It was a Labour MP who cheated Scotland out of its assembly in 1979 by the undemocratic 40% rule. The majority of those who voted, voted for the assembly.

    Perhaps you would like to tell me when the GE would have taken place if the Labour Government had not fallen in 1979. Let me think-1979!!!(probably a bigger Tory majority).

    I can still remember Callaghan foolishly failing to call the election in 1978 (a bit like Brown in 2007) and therefore losing his only chance of victory as the “winter of discontent” destroyed Labour.

    • I hope it’s not ‘total rubbish’. After all the SNP entered the election with 30.4% of the vote in Scotland and 11 seats and came out of it with 17.3% and 2 seats.

      The SNP were rightly blamed for installing the Conservatives. I agree with you that Callaghan should have gone for an election in the autumn of 1978 but I think you ignore the fact that losing a vote of no confidence undermined the position of the Prime Minsiter and probably did lead to Labour losing, to some extent. I don’t see how it’s possible to argue that the Conservatives would have won by more if Callaghan had been able to chose the day of the election for himself.

    • Alan Parker

       /  June 12, 2014

      Would it not have been all the people that decided not to vote at all in that referendums faualt ? It would have been impossible to get to 40% due to voter apathy and no other reason.


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