29 people die every day during winter in Scotland due to the cold…

Cold weather claims 29 lives every day in Scotland during the winter

Cold weather claims 29 lives every day in Scotland during the winter

Apparently over 20,000 people died in Scotland last winter due to the cold weather, this was a rise of over 600, according to government figures.

This was the highest rise for almost ten years.

The SNP government in Scotland staggeringly described the figures as ‘a downward trend’, a position that is both complacent and apparently callous.

It’s vital that the SNP take this issue seriously and understand that the work done to make 100,000 homes centrally heated under the previous Labour/Lib Dem administration was essential and should be continued. The effects of fuel poverty should not be underestimated by the complacent SNP government.

Much more must be done to improve home insulation and continue the good work that was being done by the previous Lib Dem/Labour joint administration.

According to Age Concern the number of pensioners living with fuel poverty has more than doubled in the past 4 years. With fuel bills increasing by 40% in the past 2 years, with only a marginal reduction in the past 12 months this is set to get even worse this winter.


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