Sorry! I was late because SKY+ had me in a timewarp…

Sky+ box sent me into a timewarp!

Sky+ box sent me into a timewarp! I left home at 8.50 am and arrived at 9.30am ten minutes later. It felt very odd, I don't recommend time travel.

Modern technology is a marvellous thing.  In my case Sky+ allowed me to pause Question Time last night because a friend of mine, who is less enthusiastic about politics, called me.

As such, having my pause button, I stopped it about ten minutes from the end, knowing I wanted to watch This Week, and chatted for 30 minutes or so.

When the call was over I continued watching Question Time and then This Week, following which I went to bed.

I woke up to the strains of James Naughtie on the Today Programme and gradually sleep walked my way through my early morning routine.

I sat down and turned on Breakfast on BBC 1 and thought, ‘Oh, good, it’s only 7.55am. I can watch the Scottish news and a bit of the programme before going to work.’

I left promptly at 8.50am as I have quite a short walk to work and I arrived to the chimes of Dunfermline Abbey striking 9.30! It would seem, after 10 minutes of feeling like I had entered a time warp, sitting at my desk, that I had left the Sky+ running all night and had been on a time lag of 30 minutes all morning.

It felt very odd. I don’t recommend time travel!

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