10 Downing Street Petitions with just one signature…!

'Resign' has already received 72,000 signatures, but which petitions have just one?!

'Resign' has already received 72,000 signatures, but which petitions have just one?!

It is perhaps unsurprising that the most popular petition on the Number 10 website is the petition directed at Gordon Brown that is succinctly described  ‘resign’.

With around 72,000 signatures it is easily the most popular.

But those which have just one signature were the ones that attracted my attention.

These range from the call for a 4-day week, to defend the Tote from government sell off, to build a second Humber crossing, safeguarding the Seal of the Confessional by Act of Parliament to my personal favourite of tax rich people more!

This kind of direct democracy strikes me as being a marvellous way of identifying issues that really do, or in this case don’t, matter to people.  Some of them however are extremely important and it makes me wonder why this aspect of the Number 10 website is not that well used.

‘Decreasing funding on un-necessary things’ might seem vague and aruguably frivolous and I can’t help but feel that knocking down a nightclub in Great Harwood might not get my signature.

James Bond films should be made tax free according to one petitioner, but I’m not too sure.

I think the abolition of state education might be going a little too far for me, but there are a few, with one signature, that do deserve greater support.

Certainly the provision of state funerals for those who have lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq should have more than one name attached in my opinion, and there are others that might get your support, if you check here.

Anyway I’m off to sign the petition to tax rich people more to make the total two, why not join me?!

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  1. Steve

     /  October 15, 2009

    I presume, should we see a change of government at the next election, that Mr Cameron would inherit ‘resign’?

  1. Daily View 2×2: 16 October

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