How green is it to have a rail link to an airport?

Glasgow Airport's rail link may be green but should be making flying easier if we are to be greener?

Glasgow Airport's rail link may be green but should we be making flying easier if we are to be greener?

The SNP Government recently announced that it was to abandon the new rail link with Glasgow airport, something that was an integral part of the successful bid for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

 This major capital project is a key part of upgrading the infrastructure around Glasgow airport, as at the moment public transport links with it are poor compared to other UK airports.

Environmentalists, notably the Scottish Greens, have slammed the move and Scottish Labour has said it is a direct attack on Glasgow, showing the SNP are Edinburgh-centric.

It is easy to identify Labour’s argument as being self-serving ahead of an important Westminster Parliamentary by-election in Glasgow North East within the next couple of months, and potentially will have traction with the local electorate to create a point of contention between them and the SNP, but the Green argument would appear to lack intellectual clarity.

Personally I think the rail link would have been an excellent addition to the accessibility to the airport. At the moment, if I use Glasgow airport, I have to get a bus from Dunfermline followed by another from Glasgow bus station to the airport. It’s fine but a little slow, making the train a much better option. 

However, why would a Green politician want to make access, and as a consequence usage, of airports easier? If, as is now almost universally accepted, Carbon Dioxide is a major contribution to climate change, through air travel, why would the Greens want to make access to airports easier?  It apparently makes no sense.

Green politicians should be advocating the upgrading of present rail links with the remote parts of Scotland and main UK cities to improve these links rather than looking to airports as the method of fulfilling future transport needs.

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  1. The globe isn’t warming.
    CO2 isn’t causing it to.
    Aircraft aren’t damaging.
    The rail link wasn’t designed to improve access to the airport.
    It was never worth the money.
    It didn’t need remotely that much money.

    There is no party in this story who is in any way honest & no motivation that isn’t corrupt. Rather typical of the entire Scotish Parliament then.


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