Why George Osborne just doesn’t get it…

George Osborne - we're not all in it together

George Osborne - we're not all in it together

‘We’re all in this together,’ claims George Osborne, something I would always be careful not to claim if I was a Tory grandee.

Any sensible person assessing the economic situation in the UK at the moment is aware that there are only two ways out of the debt the UK has built up to survive, and that is to cut services now or to do it more gradually.

Some would say, as Gordon Brown has before, that cuts are not necessary, but even he seems to have now accepted that this is not credible.

The problem I have, on the economy, is whether we should trust George Osborne, Gordon Brown or even Vince Cable. 

The issue I find most irritating is whether he actually understands the dripping irony of his words when he says, ‘we’re all in this together’?

Unlike him, I am not the heir to a multi-million pound (or should it be Euro) inheritance or an Irish baronetcy. Nor did I attend St Paul’s school nor did I join the Bullingdon club whilst at Oxford.  The capacity of George (nee Gideon) to grasp the needs and aspirations of the majority of the British people having had such a privileged upbringing seems questionable at best and laughable at worst.

Today he had the perfect opportunity to abandon the Conservative Party’s commitment  to scrap Inheritance Tax for the wealthiest people in Britain, he didn’t. I wonder why not? It would seem that we clearly aren’t all in it together really.

The Conservatives are speaking the language of the majority but they still speak merely for the minority.

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